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Newest Member of the Coaching Staff: Interview with Oleg Kuzmin


An interview with Oleg Kuzmin who has become the newest member of the FC Rubin coaching staff

- Mr. Kuzmin, congratulations on your appointment! Could you please tell us about the offer?

- Thank you so much. At first , Mr. Saymanov, the club´s general director suggested I should have become a scout, I said yes, but in a little while I got an offer to join the coaching staff of Mr. Kurban Berdyev. It´s a great opportunity to work as part of the coaching staff of such a great coach as Mr. Berdyev. It was a big surprise. I'm very glad to come back to the Rubin family

- Could you please tell us about your job functions?

- Help defenders, share experiences - that's my main duty. Mr. Berdyev told me what he wanted from me and I hope to help the team in this area and in terms of scouting as well

- How would you assess the current situation with the club´s defence following the departure of several experienced players? Are the youngsters ready to compete at Russian Premier League level?

- Our homegrown players are very promising, they can make progress, they can do - we should just help them. Several experienced players have gone including Cesar Navas who had always been a fundamental element in our team. In general, from my point of view, our defensive men cope with their job and they look very decent. Rubin have always been renowned for their defence. 

- You participated in nonprofessional tournaments in Kazan, didn´t you? What did you do after your retirement as a player?

- There was a lot of spare time to devote it to the family and children  I had not have before. My daughter was born two months ago. My body needed physical activities since it was used to that, so I would play eight-a-side football or futsal. However, I could not play too much in artificial turf or indoors so I had to restrain myself sometimes

- Also, you got an "A" license in December. How do you characterise your own transition from a player to a football coach?

- Now I watch a football match in a different way, not as a viewer or spectator but with a careful and appraising eye. I’m looking forward to gaining experience as a member of Mr. Berdyev’s coaching staff. It is an invaluable experience for any professional

- Are you planning to get the next level of certification?

- An “A” licensee has to practice his profession for a year before enrolling in Pro license courses. I hope to start the course next summer.

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