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OTMTS: Kurban Berdyev Speaks to the Media


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev speaks to the media ahead of Russian Premier League gameweek 21 against Enisey

–  Could you please tell us about the team's preparation for the Enisey fixture? 

–  Except for Uremovic who had been called up, all the players trained with us during the international break. Unfortunately, many players caught cold, however we were able to fulfill our working plan. Except for Vladimir Granat, everyone is fit now

–  What do you think of FC Enisey?

- From my point of view, they do not deserve to be in the relegation zone. They have quite a good squad. It is a matter of luck sometimes. The players who had joined them during the winter break were a reinforcement 

– How would you assess the recent international apperances of Uremovic and Shekari?

– Despite playing a right fullback, which is not his natural position, Uremovic looked quite well. I'm satisfied with Shekari's performance. Unlike his previous international fixtures, he was an agressive player this time.

– It's a CAS hearing today regarding Rubin's UEFA ban appeal. What are your predictions? 

– It's difficult to predict. We hope to get a positive result and have submitted all the necessary documents.

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