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Egor Sorokin Shares his Postmatch Impressions


FC Rubin centreback Egor Sorokin shares his postmatch impressions following today´s 2-0 defeat to FC Rostov

- It´s a feeling of disappointment, because we played quite well except for the goal-scoring situations. We had chances to score. It's hard to speak now because we feel really sad. It was a demanding match and we worked hard

- Is it true that Rostov won thanks to the difference certain players made today?

- Eremenko is good at kicking on the volley and he proved it today and from a tight angle. Rostov defended our set-pieces well. Unfortunately, we were not able to score from a set-piece or open play. Rostov are a tough opponent to face

- How does it feel to play against Vitaliy Kafanov, your former assistant coach with whom you are on opposite sides now.

- I didn't think about that, frankly speaking. That's life. You never know where you can be tomorrow.

- Rubin are now pushed another step away from the European competitions places due to today´s defeat, aren't they?

- We lost today and dropped three points to be picked up by Rostov which put them higher in the standings at the moment. 

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