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Egor Baburin Shares his Postmatch Impressions


FC Rubin goalkeeper Egor Baburin shares his postmatch impressions after the 1-0 win over FC Akhmat Grozny

- It was a very important game. We started the preseason earlier than we expected because of the upcoming cup fixture which was evidently postponed. The most important thing is the three points and we got it. I think we had more chances and were closer to winning the game. We've just checked out the first goal, it was a legal one for the ball had still been in play. Sagitov did a good job. We are very happy for him. He has scored a game-winning goal.

- What about your own contribution for you produced at least two excellent saves? Don't underestimate yourself

- Games like today and in such weather conditions do not offer too many chances, so goalkeeper should be on alert because any chance can be decisive for either side.

- Did Sorokin apologise for the deflection?

-  It's ok, it happens sometimes. Goalkeeper should be prepared for such things

-  Did the team give their congratulations to Sagitov on the game-winning goal?

- Yes, we did, the guy scored twice in his second official match, he is an agressive striker who is working hard, so he deserved this goal today.

-  Now Rubin are facing Lokomotiv in the Cup fixture

-Yes, it's a Cup fixture on Wednesday, than the League on Saturday. We have two days for recovery 

- What do you think of the Kazan Arena pitch today?

- I though it was going to be in worse condition, but it was absolutely fine. As you may know, some other teams had to play their games away from home.

- Do you consider winning the cup to qualify for the european competitions?

- We take each game as it comes. In view of the first leg result, it's going to be tough, but our team will do their best to advance to the semifinals.

-  Vitaliy Kafanov was not present today. 

-  We have talked before the game, now I will call him back to give him my congratulations on the victory

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