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Open-to-Media Training: Ruslan Kambolov Speaks


FC Rubin captain Ruslan Kambolov spoke to the media prior to today's open-to-media training session

- Would you please share your impressions from the preseason? Is the team fit?

- The preseason went well and according to the plan. Good intensity. Now it is about tactical sessions ahead of the Saturday's fixture against Akhmat

- Does the armband have an impact on you?

 - It's a big privilege to wear the armband that makes you feel responsible both for youself and your partners

- Matches against Akhmat have always been quite tough. Have you guys already analysed their performances ahead of Saturday´s match?

- Not yet. We will do that tomorrow. We have more focused on our own game during the week so far

-  Rubin are currently sixth in the league. Is it the team's maximum capacity?

- It´s hard to say. We take each game as it comes. We´re looking forward to stepping on the pitch, working hard, competing to our maximum and winning

-  Is any special priority given to the Cup campaign?

-  We take each game as it comes

- How could the team maintain their level of performance, their current rankings after several key players have recently left the team?

- We must be a solid group. We could achieve that by working hard and playing with passion. 

-  How would you assess your younger partners?

- Все ребята хорошие, очень перспективные. Ничего не боятся, что очень хорошо. В игре с «Зенитом» это было видно. Надеюсь, в дальнейшем будет также. They are great guys, quite promissing players. It´s nice that they fear nothing what you could have been able to see against Zenit. Hopefully, they can move on just like that

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