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Cesar Navas: All RFPL sides are of a Good Level


FC Rubin captain Cesar Navas' briefing ahead of ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 23 against Spartak.

- From your point of view, is it good to play football in such weather conditions?

- It's never comfortable to play in such cold weather both for spectators and teams. But we are used to such temperatures, we are used to train in such weather and we will do our best to perform as good as possible and make our fans happy.

-You are currently having four points to the sixth place which could allow qualifiy for UEFA Europa League if Spartak become the Cup winner. Is it going to be an additional incentive for you?

- The Head coach's assignment is to go from one game to the other. Certainly, we are looking at the standing, but one should never plan too far ahead. Spartak are a strong opponent and we are preparing for the game, we're looking forward to win.

- Was it a relief for you when you learned that Promes was not going to play?

-Yes, it's good for us (smiles)

- FC Rubin seem to deliver better performances against stronger teams. What is it like that?

- Yes, there may be such an impression, but nowadays all RFPL team are of quite a good level, so it's hard to play against any team.

- You seem to under questions asked in Russian, but you prefer to answer in Spanish. When are you going to answer in Russian?

- Yes, I understand, but I prefer to answer in Spanish to avoid a mistake.

- Ivelin Popov is not supposed to play this game. How much is it going to have an impact on the match?

- Ivelin is a strong and qualified player. Obviously, it would be better to have him available, but during this training week we knew that he was not going to play and we trained with other guys. Our players are skilled and qualified and are ready for the game.

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